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All In One BodyBoost® Band
All In One BodyBoost® Band
All In One BodyBoost® Band
All In One BodyBoost® Band
All In One BodyBoost® Band
All In One BodyBoost® Band
All In One BodyBoost® Band

All In One BodyBoost® Band

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Your killer body for summer.
Summer is coming, are you already satisfied with your beach body? Do you find it difficult to go to the gym? Thanks to our All In One Workout Band, you can do exercises anytime, anywhere to get back in perfect shape.
The BodyBoost® weight belt stimulates your three gluteal muscles to tone, lift and round your buttocks, refine the abdominal regions and your thighs.
By using the BodyBoost® belt for 15 minutes a day, you will notice amazing results in the targeted areas in just 30 days, giving you that toned, firm, plump buttocks that you have always dreamed of ...
These are two straps attached to the feet and connected with elastic to a belt. You put the belt on your waist and do leg lifting exercises.
Thanks to the resistance of the BodyBoost Belts, this device forces your muscles to work at their maximum performance while effectively burning fat.
Simply train at home, in the garden, in the park or on the go, no matter where you want. With the ALL IN ONE BOOTY WORKOUT BAND you always have everything you need with you.
A skin and environmentally friendly, highly elastic TPR hose was used in the production. The high-quality TPR hose ensures that the resistance slings are robust, durable and resilient so that they can be stretched repeatedly year after year. The Booty Workout Band is currently available in four levels of difficulty: Red - Beginner, Blue - Advanced, Green - Strong and Black - Professional.

The training options with the ALL IN ONE BOOTY WORKOUT BAND are endless. New excuse or dream booty - the decision is yours.


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